Kingfisher - Patricia A. McKillip

The award-winning author of the acclaimed Riddle Master Trilogy returns with an extraordinary new fantasy of a young man’s coming of age in a world of family secrets and revelations, and transformative magic.

Pearce Oliver lives with his mother Heloise on Cape Mistbegotten, in the town of Desolation Point, where Heloise runs a restaurant. Pearce's father is a powerful knight in King Arden's court at Severluna, and whose one true love is for King Arden's queen, Genevra. Though Pearce's mother is a powerful sorceress, these days she uses her magic only in her cooking, and in keeping an eye on him using animals as her spies. Now, compelled to embark to Severluna, Pierce isn't the only one whose life is about to change...

Carrie Teague and her father Merle live in Proffit Slough. Carrie works at the Kingfisher Inn on Chimera Bay, and isn't happy. Merle is a shapeshifter, and spends more time as a wolf than a man.

Sage Stillwater and her husband Todd run the fanciest restaurant on Chimera Bay. He is as handsome as a god, and his cooking is described as magical. He offers Carrie a job.

And so it begins: ancient magicks are discovered in battered cooking pots, and the nurturing of bodies can be falsified by dark arts. But even old curses are not necessarily forever, and young love is always in search of the True Grail, whatever shape it may have taken lately.

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Release date: February 1, 2016
Genres: fantasy
Updated: August 19, 2021