Asura Girl

by Otaro Maijo
Release date: November 2014
Original title: Ashura garu
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction
Tags: translation

Translated by Stephen Snyder.

Seventeen-year-old Aiko lives a life of casual sex and casual violence, though at heart she remains a schoolgirl with an unrequited crush on her old classmate Yoji Kaneda. Life is about to get harder for Aiko, as a recent fling, Sano, has been kidnapped, and the serial killer Round-and-Round Devil has begun slaughtering children. The youth are rioting in the streets, egged on by the underground Internet bulletin board known as the Voice from Heaven. Expecting that Yoji will come and save her from the madness, Aiko posts a demand for her own murder on the V of H, but will she be left waiting... or worse?

(updated 2015-06-23)

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