The Fortress of the Pearl (Elric)

@ Michael Moorcock
(fantasysword and sorcery)

The runesword began to howl in unison with its master and his white face glowed with the energy of the damned...

Award-winning author Michael Moorcock is known throughout the world as a master of heroic fantasy and darksome adventure. Now at last he returns to craft an all-new saga of his most famous creation: Elric, last emperor of sorcerous Melniboné, wielder of the Black Sword, Stormbringer, and incarnation of the Eternal Champion...

Years before Elric sought and found his ultimate destiny in the battle between Order and Chaos, the albino swordsman finds himself enmeshed in the deadly intrigues of the decadent, supremely self-important city of Quarzhasaat, whose Sorcerer Emperors would use him, against his will, to obtain the legendary Pearl at the Heart of the World. To find the Pearl, and save the lives of those who depend on him, Elric must lay aside his vampiric blade and enter the very Realm of Dreams - where even one who has stolen the souls of many can easily lose his own.

Here is the novel that everyone who loves swords and sorcery has been waiting for. The Fortress of the Pearl marks an exciting, never-before-told chapter in one of the greatest sagas in modern fantasy fiction.

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Release date: 1989
Genres: fantasy > sword and sorcery
Average rating: 7.80/10
Total ratings: 5
Updated 2017-01-16