by Kurt Anderson
Release date: May 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror, thriller

Perfect for Shark Week fans. A chillingly believable tale of a primordial creature thrust into the modern world, the US Coast Guard is no match for nature gone wrong. One read you won’t want to take to the beach!


Deep beneath the ice of the Arctic Circle, something has awakened. A primordial creature frozen in time, it is the oldest, largest, most efficient predator that nature has ever produced. And it is ravenously hungry...


Thirty-five miles off the Massachusetts coast, a small research ship is attacked. All but one of its crew is killed by the massive serpentine horror that rises from the sea. The creature likes this human prey. The chewy outer hide. The tender saltiness within. And it wants more...

(updated 2016-05-31)

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