Free Agent (Grimm Agency #1) - J. C. Nelson N/A

When it comes to crafting happily-ever-afters, the Agency is the best in the land of Kingdom. The Fairy Godfather Grimm can solve any problem — from eliminating imps to finding prince charming — as long as you can pay the price...

Working for Grimm isn’t Marissa Locks’s dream job. But when your parents trade you to a Fairy Godfather for a miracle, you don’t have many career options. To pay off her parents’ debt and earn her freedom, Marissa must do whatever Grimm asks, no matter what fairy-tale fiasco she’s called on to deal with.

Setting up a second-rate princess with a first-class prince is just another day at the office. But when the matchmaking goes wrong, Marissa and Grimm find themselves in a bigger magical muddle than ever before. Not only has the prince gone missing, but the Fae are gearing up to attack Kingdom, and a new Fairy Godmother is sniffing around Grimm’s turf, threatening Marissa with the one thing she can’t resist: her heart’s wishes.

Now Marissa will have to take on Fairies, Fae, dragons, and princesses to save the realm — or give up any hope of ever getting her happy ending...

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Release date July 2014
Details updated May 27, 2022

Grimm Agency :: Series

Series contains 4 primary works and has 5 total works.

Free Agent (Grimm Agency #1) N/A
Armageddon Rules (Grimm Agency #2) N/A
Wish Bound (Grimm Agency #3) N/A
The Reburialists (Grimm Agency #4) N/A
Soul Ink N/A