The Revenge of the Rose

Michael Moorcock
fantasy > sword and sorcery
The Revenge of the Rose7.60

Elric, Prince of Ruins, last in direct line of the Sorcerer Emperors of the Bright Empire of Melniboné, is the most complex and fascinating figure in modenr heroic fantasy. Any new Elric story is a major event - and The Revenge of the Rose is the longest, richest and most haunting novel yet in the great saga of the albino warrior-magician and his hellsword Stormbringer.

To escape a mystic doom that will condemn him to an eternity of anguish, Elric must quest across the dimensions of the multiverse for the rosewood soulbox containing the soul of Sadric, his father. To succeed in his search, he must also locate the three sisters who hold the key not only to his mission but also to the fate of entire Realms. In the river-city of Agnesh-Val, Elric meets another mysterious woman whose destiny is bound up with his own: the Rose, sole survivor of her folk, who travels the time-streams in serach of her revenge.

Braving the bizarre dangers of the Gypsy Nation and its mile-wide road that circles the world, confronting at every turn the cosmically evil machinations of the undead Gaynor the Damned, erstwhile Prince of the Universal, caught up in the demonic clash of Elric's patron Duke Arioch, Lord of Hell, with his arch rival Count Mashabak of Chaos, Elric and the Rose move toward a climatic confrontation with the forces of evil in the Crystalline Wood...

The Revenge of the Rose throngs with a cast of marvelous characters both human and supernatural. Wheldrake, the plucky poet; the Tangled Woman; the clairvoyant family Phatt; Scarsnout the she-dragon and Khorghakh the giant navigator-toad; and the Rose herself, one of the most memorable female characters ever to appear in epic fantasy fiction. This is imaginative storytelling at its finest and most inventive by a world-famous author writing at the height of his powers.

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Release date: 1991
Genres: fantasysword and sorcery
Average rating: 7.60/10
Total ratings: 5
Updated 2017-01-18