by Rosalie Parker
Release date: September 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, horror, short stories

Cover art by R.B. Russell.

Each of the stories that make up Damage represent a new take on the theme of difference and strangeness in human life. There are elements of traditional horror, fantasy and the supernatural, but also of beauty, humour, compassion and love.

  • In ‘Homecraft’ two children learn to survive in a derelict building;
  • a rock singer deals with her addictions in ‘Siren’;
  • in ‘Selkie: A Scottish Idyll’, the traditional Celtic tale is given a modern twist;
  • the title story follows an asylum-seeker leading a double life;
  • the strange rituals of a group of bird watchers are charted in ‘Boom Bird’;
  • and in ‘Northern Light’ an Icelandic myth unravels in a contemporary setting.

Damage explores the fragility of life and love and how they can sometimes survive against the odds, despite the damage that is done to them.

updated 2016-09-17

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