The Forgetting Moon (The Five Warrior Angels, #1)
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The Forgetting Moon

by Brian Lee Durfee
Release date: August 29, 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Two young princesses of Gul Kana, Jondalyn, the older sister, renowned for her beauty, who only desires to prove her worth as a warrior, and her younger sister Tala, who may have uncovered a secret that may not only destroy her family but the entire kingdom. Hawkwood, the assassin sent to kill Jondralyn who has instead fallen in love with her and trains her in his deadly art. Gault, a veteran knight who is becoming disillusioned by the crusade he is at the vanguard of just as he embarks upon the final battle for Gul Kana. And then Nail, the orphan boy hidden away at the edge of Gul Kana who may be the link to its salvation.

You may think you know this story, but everyone is not who they seem, nor do they fit the roles you expect. Durfee has created an epic fantasy for fans searching for that sense of wonder in a world that is based on lies, through and through.

updated 2016-08-29

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