Tonight, Again - Clive Barker

Tonight, Again: Tales of Love, Lust, and Everything in Between.

Dust jacket and interior illustrations by the author.

Tonight, Again marks Clive Barker's first collection since The Books of Blood over 25 years ago. It contains more than thirty primarily erotic short stories and vignettes (most of them previously unpublished), along with explicit illustrations by the author in his signature style. As an exploration of extremes, in lush prose and evocative images, Tonight, Again is not to be missed by the author's many fans.


  • Tonight, Again
  • I Love You
  • Craw: a Fable
  • Afraid
  • Moved
  • I Imagine You
  • If the Pen is the Penis
  • Touch the Rod
  • Martha
  • Tit
  • The Freaks
  • Cruelty
  • Dollie
  • The Collection
  • What May Not Be Shown
  • Two Views from a Window
  • Men in the Aisles of Supermarkets
  • A Blessing
  • Unrequited
  • Inside Out (Wasteland)
  • Another Genesis
  • I Have My Art
  • Whistling in the Dark
  • The Common Flesh
  • Aurora
  • Mr. Fred Coady Professes His Undying Love for His Little Sylvia
  • The Phone Call
  • The Multitude
  • A Monster Lies in Wait
  • An Incident at the Nunnery
  • The Genius of Denny Dan
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Release date: December 2015
Genres: horror, short stories
Updated: January 30, 2016