Beacon 23: The Complete Novel

Hugh Howey
science fiction, collection
Beacon 23: The Complete Novel - Hugh Howey

This work contains the five Beacon 23 stories, originally released in serialized form.

For centuries, men and women have manned lighthouses to ensure the safe passage of ships. It is a lonely job, and a thankless one for the most part. Until something goes wrong. Until a ship is in distress.

In the 23rd century, this job has moved into outer space. A network of beacons allows ships to travel across the Milky Way at many times the speed of light. These beacons are built to be robust. They never break down. They never fail.

At least, they aren't supposed to.

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Release date: August 2015
Genres: science fiction, collection
Average rating: 9.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: August 14, 2021


9/10 |
February 24, 2018
Those were five cracking good stories, this time a mixture of philosophy, psychology and fiction. The stories follow one of the astronauts which are spread over the galaxy to man and maintain beacons. We get to know a person who is extremely lonely ...