The Sorceress and the Skull
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The Sorceress and the Skull

by Donald Michael Platt
Release date: February 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horrorgothic horror, history

A Gothic Horror Novella from Award Winning Author Donald Michael Platt

San Francisco 1946: A Confrontation of Sorcerers and Seers. For the first time in almost 400 years, Michele born in 1932, a direct descendant of Nostradamus, will have all his gifts of precognition and even greater powers, but they will not be fully manifested until after she enters puberty. More than one secret society has been obsessed with finding and controlling Michele, to learn from her where Nostradamus’ unpublished prophecies have been sequestered. Hidden since birth, protected by aliases, an aunt, and a gargoyle, Michele at age 13 has become a fugitive, fleeing across Europe and Canada before finally arriving in San Francisco. Around Michele deadly forces are closing in, but a new ally, Le Crâne, the Skull, has also appeared, coming to the aid of the young seer. Who will hold claim to Michele’s powers and at what price to her? And who will succeed in acquiring the hidden secrets of Nostradamus?

updated 2016-02-11

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