A Study in Sable (Elemental Masters #11) - Mercedes Lackey

The eleventh novel in the Elemental Masters series, featuring a reimagined Sherlock Holmes in a magical early 20th-century London.

Sarah and Nan (from Wizard of London and Home From The Sea), who are Psychics rather than Elemental Masters, are sent on a most peculiar interview by their patron, Lord Alderscroft. When they arrive at the highly eccentric bachelor’s flat, he asks them all manner of questions about their bona-fides and experience in a most offensive manner. Tiring of answering politely, Nan turns the tables on him and gets just as rude and offensive — and so do the birds! Eventually, the man gives up, saying, “Well at least there is some scientific evidence for psychical powers, unlike your mumbo-jumbo, John. They’re all yours.”

And so they work with a physician, Dr. John Watson, and his wife Mary, both Elemental Masters. Sarah and Nan are to help with investigations that the famous “consulting detective” cannot (or will not) take himself, because they are tainted with “mumbo-jumbo.”

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Release date: June 7, 2016
Genres: fantasy
Updated: January 16, 2017

Elemental Masters :: Series

A fantasy series taking place on an alternate earth where magic exists. The series largely focuses on Elemental Masters, people who have magical control over air, water, fire, or earth.  Each book in the series is loosely based on a fairy tale.

o. The Fire Rose, based on Beauty and the Beast
1. The Serpent's Shadow, based on Snow White
2. The Gates of Sleep, based on Sleeping Beauty
3. Phoenix And Ashes, based on Cinderella
4. The Wizard of London, based on The Snow Queen
5. Reserved for the Cat, based on Puss in Boots
6. Unnatural Issue, based on Donkeyskin or similar tale
7. Home From the Sea, based on East of the Sun and West of the Moon, Tam Lin, and The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry
8. Steadfast, based on the Steadfast Tin Soldier
9. Blood Red, based on Red Riding Hood
10. From a High Tower, based on Rapunzel
11. A Study in Sable, featuring Sherlock Holmes
12. A Scandal in Battersea
13. The Bartered Brides

The Fire Rose
The Serpent's Shadow (Elemental Masters #1)
The Gates of Sleep (Elemental Masters #2)
Phoenix and Ashes (Elemental Masters #3)
The Wizard of London (Elemental Masters #4)
Reserved for the Cat (Elemental Masters #5)
Unnatural Issue (Elemental Masters #6)
Home from the Sea (Elemental Masters #7)
Steadfast (Elemental Masters #8)
Blood Red (Elemental Masters #9)
From a High Tower (Elemental Masters #10)
A Study in Sable (Elemental Masters #11)
A Scandal in Battersea (Elemental Masters #12)
The Bartered Brides (Elemental Masters #13)
The Case of the Spellbound Child (Elemental Masters #14)
Jolene (Elemental Masters #15)
The Silver Bullets of Annie Oakley (Elemental Masters #16)