Operation Honshu Wolf

by Malcolm Cross, Addison Gunn, Anne Tibbets
Release date: February 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionmilitary science fiction

A novella.

Four years in the military, training for a war that never happened, left Alexander Miller disillusioned and apathetic. Now, as second in command of COBALT, a corporate bodyguard unit for the biotech giant Schaeffer-Yeager, he’s little more than a glorified chauffeur to the wealthy elite. But times change.

A threat from the ancient past has reawakened, and like a Biblical plague it threatens to consume every ecosystem on Earth. Hordes of parasite-infected humans riot against the increasingly powerless authorities as vast fungal blooms destroy crops and terrifying beasts stalk city streets. The last time this happened, T-Rex found itself on the menu. But mankind's got more than teeth – it's got guns.

Schaeffer-Yeager CEO L. Gray Matheson has plans, and the turn-around starts now. Miller’s been assigned to OPERATION HONSHU WOLF, finding essential S-Y staff in the nightmare and getting them to a safe haven...

Extinction Biome is a new military-SF series about a world overrun by an ancient ecology, awakened from a millennia-long dormancy to destroy the human race; and about the decisions we must make to try and survive.

updated 2016-02-15

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