Falcone Strike (Angel in the Whirlwind, #2)
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Falcone Strike

by Christopher Nuttall
Release date: January 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionmilitary science fiction

Now a celebrated war hero, Captain Kat Falcone is back at the helm of HMS Lightning... and up against near-impossible odds. After an ill-timed outburst almost ends her career, Kat is handed command of a deep-strike mission into enemy space. The objective is to gather intelligence and distract the hostile Theocracy while the Commonwealth prepares its counteroffensive.

The chances for success are slim — and for survival even slimmer.

Armed with a ragtag fleet of outdated starships, a few loyal officers, and a skeleton crew of refugees, Kat knows the Royal Navy expects her to fail. But failure almost certainly means death — or worse, as the Theocracy does not treat prisoners kindly. Pitted against the enemy defenses of her old nemesis Admiral Junayd, there is no room for error. And with a spy hidden aboard her ship, Kat will need more than her wits to survive. Can Kat enter the lion’s den, strike a blow for the Commonwealth, and escape with her life?

(updated 2017-01-20)

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