A Feast of Sorrows: Stories

Angela Slatter
fantasy, short stories
A Feast of Sorrows: Stories - Angela Slatter

A Feast of Sorrows ― Angela Slatter’s first U.S. collection ― features twelve of the World Fantasy and British Fantasy Award-winning Australian author’s finest, darkest fairy tales, and adds two new novellas to her marvelous cauldron of fiction. Stories peopled by women and girls ― fearless, frightened, brave, bold, frail, and fantastical ― who take the paths less traveled by, accept (and offer) poisoned apples, and embrace transformation in all its forms. Reminiscent of Angela Carter at her best, Slatter’s work is both timeless and fresh: fascinating new reflections from the enchanted mirrors of fairy tales and folklore.

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Release date: September 2016
Genres: fantasy, short stories
Updated: August 22, 2021