Eternity's Mind (The Saga of Shadows #3) by Kevin J. Anderson 8.50   4

The final volume in the Hugo-nominated Saga of Shadows trilogy.

The desperate war with the Shana Rei seems lost. All across the transportal network, space is tearing apart, the links between the gateways are breaking down, the fabric of space unraveling, and entire sections of the Spiral Arm are becoming galactic dead zones.

The Shana Rei have infiltrated the transportal network, and desperate populations have to cut themselves off, shutting down their portals, often their only connection with the rest of the Spiral Arm.

In desperation, humans and Ildirans turn to the most unlikely allies, the unpredictable faeros.

Also known as The Dark Between the Stars Book 3.

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Release date September 13, 2016
Details updated January 16, 2017

The Saga of Shadows

Series contains 3 primary works and has 4 total works.

Main series The Saga of Seven Suns

The Dark Between the Stars (The Saga of Shadows #1) 9.00   4
Blood of the Cosmos (The Saga of Shadows #2) 9.00   3
Eternity's Mind (The Saga of Shadows #3) 8.50   4
Whistling Past the Graveyard: Prequel to The Saga of Shadows 8.00   1