Closer to the Chest (The Herald Spy #3) - Mercedes Lackey

Closer to the Chest continues Mercedes Lackey’s story of Mags, Herald Spy.

Married life for Mags and Amily is smooth sailing. Professional life is something else entirely. Genteel blackmail amongst the highborn and wealthy is a way of life, even in the relatively staid and well-behaved Court at Haven... but someone is breaking the unspoken rules. Whoever it is has several families (who only visit the Court over the Midwinter Holidays) terrified to the point of refusing to talk to anyone about it. Then, when one well-loved young man commits suicide, and a beloved daughter is kidnapped, Mags and Amily have to pull out all the stops to find the blackmailer and bring him to justice.

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Release date: October 2016
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Updated: August 29, 2021

The Herald Spy :: Series

Belongs to the series Valdemar

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