Tales of the Vuduri: Year Three (Tales of the Vuduri, #3)
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Tales of the Vuduri: Year Three

by Michael Brachman
Release date: January 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionhard science fiction + space opera, non-fiction

How would you like to visit the 35th century? Well, now you can. Tales of the Vuduri is a daily blog, to date over 1100 entries long, examining the amazing world of the 35th century first described in the novel Rome’s Revolution. The first two volumes of Tales of the Vuduri explored only a portion of the background and future history leading up to the Rome’s Revolution trilogy and its sequel, The Milk Run. Tales of the Vuduri: Year Three follows on the heels of those successful first two compilations with 366 brand new essays about our 21st century hero, Rei Bierak and his beautiful 35th century Vuduri wife, Rome and their children, Aason and Lupe. This volume focuses on detailed breakdowns of some of the more important scenes from those stories was well as highlighting today’s emerging breakthroughs in technology, physics, chemistry and genetics. Included in this collection are posts regarding computer simulations of our universe, dystopias, hybrid vigor and the immortal jellyfish. Also included are previews of the upcoming novel MASAL – The Robot War, how Hawaii strongly influenced these novels and a detailed description of how the Earth would look if global warming continues unabated. Like Tales of the Vuduri: Year One and Year Two, these essays should be amusing, thought-provoking and give you more insight into the fascinating world of Rome’s Revolution and The Milk Run. So come to the 35th century and be amazed at what you find there.

updated 2017-01-29

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