The Brightworking (The Brightstone Saga #1) - Paul B. Thompson N/A

Mikal, a blacksmith's son, enjoys working with fiery metal in his father's forge. But when the sorcerers' Guild of Constant Working comes to his small village for a Gleaning, the young boy's destiny is changed forever. Mikal begins a life of servitude at the Guild and soon learns of the magical world around him. Before long, he is apprenticed to the most powerful wizard in all of PhaliaMaster Harlano. Mikal's new Master commands an army of wizards, but even he must answer to the mysterious rulers of the Guild. But when Harlano pursues a strange ambition of his own, will Mikal follow his Masteror stand against him? With help from his scruffy friend Lyra and a magical metal head, Mikal confronts danger at every turn as he uncovers the mystery of the Brightworking.

Category: Fantasy Childrens

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Release date August 2012
Details updated June 18, 2022

The Brightstone Saga :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

The Brightworking (The Brightstone Saga #1) N/A
The Fortune-Teller (The Brightstone Saga #2) N/A
The Battle for the Brightstone (The Brightstone Saga #3) N/A