The Uninvited - Dorothy Macardle

Also known as Uneasy Freehold.

Brother and sister Roderick and Pamela Fitzgerald flee their busy London lives to move to the quiet and beautiful English coastline. They are drawn to the suspiciously inexpensive Cliff House, feared amongst locals as a place of disturbance and ill omen. Gradually, the Fitzgeralds learn of the mysterious deaths of Mary Meredith and another strange young woman. Together, they must unravel the mystery of this house of horrors and keep Meredith s surviving daughter as far from the Cliff House as they can, despite her wish to return again to the nursery where something waits to tuck her in at night... This bone-chilling Irish ghost story was first published in 1941 as An Uneasy Freehold and was renamed The Uninvited for its US edition in 1942. It was made into a film in 1944.

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Release date: 1941
Genres: horror
Tags: ghosts
Updated: August 16, 2021