The Rupture

by Paul Green
Release date: June 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy

When Lucas Beardsley blundered into the Qliphothic Forces of the Polyverse, Britain's reality-consensus was drastically disrupted. Everyday causality was never quite the same again... Now Londoners escape into the virtual-reality thrills of Pleasure Centres plc, while Borderland villages embrace an eclectic neo-paganism. Meanwhile Fundamentalist militias - Mo-Boys and Heavy Shepherds - battle for overall control. In the Borderlands, Lucas works desperate magicks to win back his ex-lover Carla. In London traumatised ex-MOD computer wizard Dr Crowe seeks work with Pleasure Centres - which also employs Carla as erotica producer and Borderlands refugee Vivienne, who will be re-invented as an 'artiste'... For Lombard, CEO of Pleasure Centres, has a manic plan to restore the status quo by using Crowe's cyber-skills to manipulate the ancient forces of the Borderlands. However, no-one has reckoned with the emergence of rogue cyber-daemons - the Quantum Brothers - or the horrors of the Feast of Smoke.

This first volume of Paul Green's new fiction sequence ends with a bizarre and terrifying climax that defines the world of the forthcoming sequel - BENEATH THE PLEASURE ZONES - The Polyverse...

Paul Green's other work includes a novel The Qliphoth, poetry collections The Gestaltbunker and A Beginner's Guide to Radial City as well as plays for radio or stage like The Dream Laboratory, Ritual of the Stifling Air, The Mouthpiece, The Voice Collection and Babalon, his evocation of Thelemite rocket scientist Jack Parsons.

(updated 2016-03-13)

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