Reimar Breaking (The Iberan War, #1)
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Reimar Breaking

by Jonathan Rivalland
Release date: August 19, 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

The prelude to The Iberan War

Reimar’s wealth and prestige flows from trade, especially cross-world trade through the Helion – a vast and ancient portal to other worlds. But there are signs of an imminent rebellion, especially among the younger members of more distant noble houses, and some rival nations are eager to take advantage of any internal distractions. Princess Siera du Tealdan has shown herself to be a strong and innovative military commander, while her older brother Ramiros enjoys life at the court of their father King Abarron du Tealdan.

When the situation in Reimar takes a shocking turn for the worse, Siera’s military expertise is desperately needed. With no mercenaries available for hire, Siera must pull off a miracle. Having only one skyship armed with ballistae and an under-strength Royal Guard, she must fend off the rebellion, while at the same time dealing with Reimar’s old enemy Iln, that has declared an opportunistic war in order to raid and pillage across the border. If the rebels gain control of the Helion, the kingdom will suffocate.

updated 2016-08-20

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