The Best Science Fiction of E.C. Tubb

E. C. Tubb
science fiction, short stories
The Best Science Fiction of E.C. Tubb - E. C. Tubb

Edwin Charles Tubb is one of the most popular and prolific British writers of science fiction. Born between World War I and II, he became an avid reader of the American pulp magazines, but the second World War thwarted his writing ambitions. Post-war he was in the vanguard of an emerging group of talented British writers. They included Brian Aldiss, Sydney J. Bounds, John Brunner, Ken Bulmer, John Christopher, John Russell Fearn, Philip E. High and John Wyndham, who collectively helped lay the foundations for British science fiction as it exists today.

Tubb's first professional sale, a short story, was published in 1951, in the leading British science fiction magazine New Worlds, where he quickly became established as a star contributor. The first of his many novels appeared as a paperback original shortly thereafter, and he was soon featuring in all of the other British SF magazines, most notably Authentic Science Fiction, Nebula Science Fiction, and Science Fantasy. Over the next decade, Tubb also became established in the leading American SF magazines, selling outstanding stories to Astounding Science Fiction, Galaxy, If, and Planet Stories. He also became established in the United States as a novelist, and is today best known as the creator of the long-running Dumarest of Terra series.

Here then are hand-picked stories, the cream of the crop, making The Best Science Fiction of E.C. Tubb the publishing event of the year.


  • Fallen Angel
  • Death-Wish
  • The Ming Vase
  • The Beatific Smile
  • When He Died
  • Read Me This Riddle
  • Logic
  • Vigil
  • J Is for Jeanne
  • Legal Eagle
  • There's No Tomorrow
  • Time to Kill
  • The Seekers
  • The Last Day of Summer
  • Evane
  • Time and Again
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Release date: 2003
Genres: science fiction, short stories
Updated: September 14, 2010