Fortress Earth

by Vaughn Heppner
Release date: April 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionmilitary science fiction

Earth’s last Assault Troopers target the oldest being in existence.

In the fourth book of the Extinction Wars series, Abaddon commands a Karg-Jelk Super Fleet bent on annihilating humanity.

Years of intense terraforming has healed the Earth from the ravages of alien hell-burners and a deadly bio-terminator. The homeworld thrives, reseeded and repopulated, with heavy layers of defensive systems to make sure the Earth is never harmed again.

But Abaddon has incredibly advanced technology, including a vast moon-sized ship able to teleport to any place in the galaxy.

If Creed hopes to save humanity, he’ll need more than fierce determination and savage fighting skills. He has to go the galactic core to find out the truth about Abaddon, the Jelk and the terrible secret of the human race. The knowledge will help to strengthen Fortress Earth, but will it be enough to win?

updated 2017-04-04

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