The Lost Colony

by Vaughn Heppner
Release date: November 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

We fought the invading New Men to a standstill and defeated the alien Destroyer sent to obliterate Earth.

The worst should be over, but it’s not.

Perfect android replicas are impersonating high-level officials so trust is failing. Worse, the New Men have found allies with an impenetrable stealth technology.

This time, however, Earth is going on the offensive. Admiral Fletcher is headed to “C” Quadrant with a Grand Fleet. He’s to liberate the captured planets and find the enemy homeworld. What he isn’t supposed to do is die.

The only one who can save humanity has been grounded. Captain Maddox is under suspicion because he’s half New Man. But he’s not going to stop. He’s found something unbelievable. Now, he needs Starship Victory — an ancient, alien spacecraft — the AI Galyan, Meta, Sergeant Riker and the others to help him tear the greatest secret of all from the enemy.

Maddox and his crew must succeed or humanity will drown in a sea of human extinction.

THE LOST COLONY is the fourth book in the LOST STARSHIP SERIES.

updated 2017-04-04

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