The Land Leviathan

Michael Moorcock
science fiction, alternate history > steampunk
The Land Leviathan (Oswald Bastable #2) - Michael Moorcock6.36

Cover: Michael Whelan.


Seeking the answer to the mystery of life, Captain Oswald Bastable visits the Temple of the Future Buddha and is thrown through time to a new twentieth century. Plague, anarchy and superstition rule the world where he finds himself. Bands of diseased mutants pillage the continents while pirate U-boats prowl the oceans.

But from this chaos emerges Black Attila, commander of the African Hordes and master of the most terrible weapon ever devised by Man – the Land Leviathan, a terrifying ziggurat on wheels, a moving mountain of deadly artillery.

At last, after centuries of cruel oppression, the Land Leviathan helps the Black Attila establish Black Power on an unimaginable, global scale. Unimaginable, that is, to anyone except Michael Moorcock who has re-written the history of the twentieth century in his own totally original, biting style.

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Release date: 1974
Genres: science fiction, alternate historysteampunk
Average rating: 6.36/10
Total ratings: 28
Updated: January 08, 2015

Oswald Bastable :: Series

Belongs to the series The Eternal Champion Sequence

The Warlord of the Air (Oswald Bastable #1)7.16
The Land Leviathan (Oswald Bastable #2)6.36
The Steel Tsar (Oswald Bastable #3)7.10