by Jay Allan
Release date: February 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionmilitary science fiction

The stunning conclusion to the Portal Wars trilogy...

Jake Taylor and his cyborg soldiers have fought their way from one Portal planet to another, moving steadily homeward with one thought in mind. The utter destruction of the corrupt rulers who sent them to hell to fight and die as pawns in a dishonest war, one started not by the alien enemy, but by Earth’s own UNGov, as a tool in it plot to seize total power.

And now, after the fighting, the suffering, the bitter losses... finally, it is time. Time for the final invasion of Earth. Time to liberate their homeland from the totalitarian government that controls it utterly, to find those responsible for all that has happened... and to kill them all.

Jake and his warriors are hopelessly outnumbered, but they are determined to battle to the last, to sacrifice all for any hope of victory, however small. But Taylor and his soldiers are not alone in their fight, for in Earth’s shadows, in the rotting slums and the remote countryside, in dark corners and crumbling cellars, a spark of defiance has survived and grown, men and women who remember liberty, and are willing to die for the chance to regain what they lost a generation before. They are preparing... and waiting. Waiting for the chance to strike a blow for freedom.

But those who cling to power will not give it up easily. Indeed, the politicians who run UNGov will see Earth a charred ruin, the dead lying in unburied heaps before they will yield their positions. The battle is about to begin... and it cannot end until only one side remains.

Is Jake Taylor willing to go all the way, to fight to the end, do what he must... to accept nothing less than death or victory, whatever the cost?

updated 2016-05-31

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