War Stories

by Jay Allan
Release date: 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionmilitary science fiction, short stories

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In the 23rd Century, the Superpowers of Earth fight an unending war for control of occupied space and the vast resources of the colony worlds. Darius Jax is a senior officer and a hero of the Marine Corps, veteran of countless battles fought throughout occupied space. But once he was a raw private fighting his first battle on a planet so deadly, so hellish, its own occupants called it Tombstone. This is his story, before fame, before glory. The fighting on Tombstone is brutal and deadly, and Jax must find his inner strength if he is to survive. As he struggles through an unwinnable war he learns to rely on himself as he never has before, and he begins to understand just what he is - and is not - fighting for. Tombstone is a novella set in the years just before the Third Frontier War and the events described in Crimson Worlds Book I: Marines.

Bitter Glory

Augustus Garret is the hero of the Alliance, the greatest naval commander in the history of space combat. He leads massive fleets in great battles that decide the fate of millions. But once he was a new captain leading his tiny attack ship on it first mission. The young Garret was a natural genius, driven by uncontrollable ambition and a relentless quest for glory. But war in space is brutal, and the consequences of command decisions can haunt even the strongest commanders. The young Garret will win his glory, but will he be prepared to pay its horrendous cost?

The Gates of Hell

Elias Holm is the Commandant of the Marine Corps, a hero who has fought a hundred battles all across human-occupied space. He's led massive armies in the most desperate battles mankind has faced. But once he was only a junior captain, thrust into command when a crucial operation went horribly awry. The Second Frontier War had raged for a decade. Throughout human-occupied space, worlds were in ruins, the battlegrounds of the Superpowers' eternal struggle. The climactic battle of the war would be fought on the planet Persis, and Holm and his Marines would have to fight not only the Caliphate's elite Janissary soldiers, but also treachery and betrayal from his own government.

updated 2017-01-18

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