Dark Shadows: Occult Mystery Stories

by Edmund Glasby
Release date: 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasydark fantasy, horror, short stories, mystery

Ever since agent Daniel Myers had fl ed from Turkey with stolen secret papers vital for Western interests and entered Bulgaria, he had been aware of a certain disturbing atmosphere. Bulgaria was a place that was steeped in the old ways and ancient, dark gypsy beliefs and superstitions. A time-haunted land of mystery and evil in which the Western, modern way of life seemed to hold little sway. Things happened here. Inexplicably terrible things which were mentioned only in hushed whispers by frightened peasants. With his pursuers hot on his heels, and almost certain death awaiting him if he was caught, Myers took refuge with an isolated gypsy community-only to face an even greater peril that would challenge his sanity...

(updated 2016-05-31)

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