The Morrigan's Curse (The Eighth Day, #3)
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The Morrigan's Curse

by Dianne K. Salerni
Release date: January 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

In this third book in the series that VOYA recommends “for fans of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter,” the war over the Eighth Day continues — and there’s more at stake than ever before.

The battle between Kin and Transitioners that’s been brewing for centuries has come to a head. The sinister Kin have captured Addie Emrys, Evangeline’s sister and the descendant of Merlin, who will allow them to reverse the Eighth Day Spell and free themselves. Unfortunately Addie doesn’t realize the full consequences of her cooperation. She’s been helping the Kin because they value the strength of her magic — something Evangeline never did. The feeling of power coursing through her veins is impossible to resist.

Meanwhile, Riley, Evangeline, and Jax craft a plan to rescue Addie from harm’s way. But the Kin’s unstoppable magic, and a rebellious Addie, force Riley to consider if saving Addie is worth sacrificing everyone who lives in the seven-day week. Jax won’t let Evangeline’s sister be used as a pawn, so he risks it all in a secret mission of his own. With the Morrigan pushing both sides toward annihilation, Addie must decide where her loyalties lie, while Jax, Riley, and Evangeline confront the possibility of losing Addie to save the world.

Adventure, action, and magic collide in the latest installment of the series that School Library Journal called “fast paced and exciting.”

updated 2017-01-22

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