The Worlds of Frank Herbert

Frank Herbert
science fiction, short stories
The Worlds of Frank Herbert - Frank Herbert

A collection of science fiction stories.

An infinity of universes each with its own strange stories. A future where they have space suits with chastity belts. A planet where they have a new thrill - but will it ever replace sex? A good government must work - but, what happens if it works too well? The phobias of today translated into the fears of tomorrow. An alien culture who didn't want to change Earth; they just wanted to use it. 

Eight of the very best by the author of the mind-shattering best-seller "Dune". If you care about what's happening or what might happen - these stories are for you.


  • Tactful Saboteur
  • Committee Of The Whole
  • Old Rambling House
  • Mating Call
  • A-W-F- Unlimited
  • The Featherbedders
  • The G.M Effect
  • Escape Felicity
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Release date: 1970
Genres: science fiction, short stories
Updated: August 19, 2021