Hunter of Sherwood: Hood

by Toby Venables
Hunter of Sherwood: Hood (Guy of Gisburne #3) - Toby Venables N/A

It's Guy of Gisburne's final stand against a killer and fraud: Robin Hood.

The vendetta with Robin Hood has cost too much: blood shed, lives lost, friendships severed. Guy of Gisburne, knight and agent of the crown, has had enough, and wishes to enjoy a little quiet on his own land. But Hood grows ever more troublesome, and if the barons of the North will not convince Guy to resume the hunt – nor even the rightful King Richard, returned from long imprisonment – then perhaps the simple plea of a missing daughter’s father, and a promise to restore a good man’s name, will.

Hood has gathered an army: the insidious Friar Took, the giant John Lyttel, the cutthroat Scarlet Will, the brilliant and unhinged Alan O’Doyle, among others. Guy will need an army of his own: the redoubtable de Rosseley, the deadly Lady Mélisande, the resourceful Asif ibn Salah, even Guy’s former enemy, the ferocious Tancred... and his old friend and squire, Galfrid.

The stage is set: Sherwood, long a home to both men. The final confrontation begins...

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Release date February 2017
Details updated July 12, 2022

Guy of Gisburne :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

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Hunter of Sherwood: Hood (Guy of Gisburne #3) N/A