The Eyes of Heisenberg

by Frank Herbert
The Eyes of Heisenberg - Frank Herbert 10.00   1
The Eyes of Heisenberg is a glimpse into a horrifying future – a future where genetic science rules supreme. All embryos are tampered with, their genes examined and, where necessary, cut. This is also a future where man's ultimate goal has been achieved – immortality. For by interfering with the genes in this way, human beings had been produced whose tissues were at an optimum, and who could technically live forever.

These immortals, the Optimen, rule mankind, and from their Central Headquarters monitor every subversive action against them, destroying it immediately. For, despite their optimum bodies, these "humans" do have enemies – it could be the Cyborgs, long considered destroyed, it could be the Parents Underground, striking back for family and natural birth, or it could be – death itself.

Category: Science Fiction

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Release date 1966
Details updated August 22, 2022
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