The Private Life of Elder Things

Adrian Tchaikovsky, Keris McDonald, Adam Gauntlett
horror > weird fiction, short stories
The Private Life of Elder Things - Adrian Tchaikovsky, Keris McDonald, Adam Gauntlett

From the wastes of the sea to the shadows of our own cities, we are not alone. But what happens where the human world touches the domain of races ancient and alien?

Museum curators, surveyors, police officers, archaeologists, mathematicians; from derelict buildings to country houses to the London Underground, another world is just a breath away, around the corner, watching and waiting for you to step into its power.

The Private Life of Elder Things is a collection of new Lovecraftian fiction about confronting, discovering and living alongside the creatures of the Mythos.

  • A terrible secret beneath Paddington Station that is about to turn the Circle line into a Shoggoth trap
  • An old archaeologist haunted all her life by a death she caused, and the shadowy creature she invoked to do it.
  • A string of terrible deaths associated with lurid graffiti of a hound
  • A lost mariner in a strange Sargasso where the ships are picked clean of humans by strange slave-takers.
  • A new “legal high” from a machine that opens the mind to another world, and makes users visible to those creatures
  • A visitor to a country house charged with finding its lost rooms
  • A gifted mathematician’s apparently flawed theories attract the attention of beings to whom her numbers make perfect sense.


  • Donald by Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • Pitter Patter by Adam Gauntlett
  • Special Needs Child by Keris McDonald
  • Irrational Numbers by Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • New Build by Adam Gauntlett
  • The Branch Line Repairman by Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • Devo Nodenti by Keris McDonald
  • Season of Sacrifice and Resurrection by Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • Prospero and Caliban by Adam Gauntlett
  • Moving Targets by Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • The Play's the Thing by Keris McDonald
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Release date: September 2016
Genres: horrorweird fiction, short stories
Tags: cthulhu mythos
Average rating: 10.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: January 18, 2017