The Sword of the Dawn (Hawkmoon: The History of the Runestaff, #3)
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The Sword of the Dawn

by Michael Moorcock
Release date: 1968
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasysword and sorcery

Revised edition in 1977.

The Spell of the Runestaff

In Earth's dim future the Dark Empire had grown more powerful – so powerful that it threatened to destroy even the well-protected province of Kamarg. Only the ancient crystal machine of the wraith folk could save the Kamarg people by warping them into another dimension. And so they found sanctuary. But Dorian Hawkmoon knew that sanctuary was an illusion... and suffocatingly dull!

He was fated to don sword and armour once again! To find himself in a strange, unfriendly land, battling new and powerful enemies.

He knew his destiny was still ruled by the Runestaff – but while he strove to discover where in time and space he was, King Huon's scientists perfected deadlier war-machines. The armies of the Dark Empire spread farther and faster across the globe, staining the map with blood...

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