by Henry Cole
Release date: February 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, childrens

Brambleheart: A Story About Finding Treasure and the Unexpected Magic of Friendship.

BRAMBLEHEART is beloved illustrator and author Henry Cole’s charming animal fantasy about a young chipmunk who stumbles upon a magical secret that helps him discover the meaning of friendship.

In the Hill, animals work as Weavers, Smelters, and Carvers — but Twig doesn’t know who he wants to be. He tries very hard in all his classes, but his imagination wanders to his favorite books or the delicious mayapples growing beyond the scavenge yard... and then he loses his focus. After Twig makes a big mistake in front of everyone, he sets out on a secret journey to discover himself. But as he wanders deeper into the Yard than he’s ever wandered before, Twig finds a curious colored globe. A dragon’s egg — which hatches in front of his eyes.

Now protecting the baby dragon is all Twig wants to do. But when he learns that his secret might hurt others, he’s forced to make a choice between his place in the world and the feelings in his heart.

(updated 2017-04-04)

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