The Dosadi Experiment

by Frank Herbert
The Dosadi Experiment - Frank Herbert 8.00   2

In the far future, humans and aliens have joined together in a galaxy-wide federation of intelligent species: The Consentiency, but its existence is now threatened by the discovery of a secret, illegal and deadly experiment on the planet Dosadi. There the froglike Gowachin have created a brutal society: 850 million beings, human and Gowachin, are confined in an area of 40 square kilometres.

But the experiment in overcrowding is getting out of control: the beings that have bred on Dosadi are so tough and resourceful that they are capable of breaking out of their monstrous prison and overrunning the galaxy.

Category: Science Fiction

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Release date 1977
Details updated August 23, 2022

ConSentiency Universe :: Series

Series contains 2 total works.

While not exactly sequels, the stories in Frank Herbert's ConSentiency Universe take place in the same imaginary universe and share the character Jorj X. McKie.

Whipping Star 10.00   1
The Dosadi Experiment 8.00   2

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