A Kiss Before Doomsday

by Laurence MacNaughton
Release date: July 11, 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy

When sorcerers disappear off the streets of Denver, the only person to notice a pattern is Dru, proprietor of The Crystal Connection and newly-minted sorceress. Monstrous creatures are attacking and dragging off anyone with magical powers. Signs point to forbidden necromancy in the hands of someone trying to fulfill the prophecy of the apocalypse scroll.

With the dead rising from the grave, Dru fears someone is picking up where the Harbingers left off half a century ago. Now more than ever, Dru needs half-demon Greyson and his infernal car, Hellbringer. Though Greyson is missing and presumed dead, Dru believes he’s alive — and trapped at the center of this evil.

Dru will need her friends — and her enemies — trusting in Rane’s strength, Opal’s wisdom, and her own crystal magic to infiltrate the mountainous fortress of a powerful sorcerer intent on bringing about doomsday.

Because the moment the prophecy is fulfilled, legions of undead will rise to consume the souls of everyone on Earth...

(updated 2017-07-11)

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