The Black Shriving (Chronicles of the Black Gate, #2)
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The Black Shriving

by Phil Tucker
Release date: July 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

When invasion looms...

After a harrowing battle Lady Kyferin and her stalwart followers have earned themselves a brief respite from Lord Laur's fury. They know, however, that the next assault will be impossible to resist. Their sole hope of survival lies in forging an alliance with the only force capable of resisting the empire's might: the Agerastian heretics themselves.

But time is running out...

Yet over these political machinations looms the Black Shriving, the ancient curse that has struck down all who seek to defend Mythgraefen Hold. Asho and Kethe must embrace their newfound powers and undergo a dark journey into the heart of hellscape of the upper peaks in search of answers and a hope of salvation.

Their lives hang by the slimmest of threads...

If Magister Audsley can but divine the lost secrets of the Sin Casters, if Asho and Kethe can wrest the truth behind the existence of the second Black Gate, and if Lady Kyferin and Ser Tiron can forge a tenuous alliance with their most hated of enemies, they may just have a chance of surviving the oncoming darkness...

THE BLACK SHRIVING continues the action-packed new epic fantasy series, following on from THE PATH OF FLAMES - an adrenaline-fuelled debut of sin casting mages, heresy, and cold-blooded betrayal in a land where the deepest buried secrets are finally resurfacing to destroy the world.

updated 2016-08-06

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