by Joshua Dalzelle
Redemption (Omega Force #7) - Joshua Dalzelle N/A

There is a fine line between right and wrong, good and evil. For years Jason Burke has straddled that line as best he can, always convinced that despite the violence carried out by him and his team they were firmly on the right side of that line. But as he reflects on his time with Omega Force, he begins to have his doubts. When strange happenings from the mysterious Avarian Empire cross the expanse and Jason and Omega Force is pulled into the conflict, they must pick sides between two superpowers, all without knowing whom they can trust. At every turn, friends reveal themselves to be enemies, and enemies might be friends. All he knows for certain is that if they make it through the mission things will never be as they were.

"Omega Force: Redemption" is the seventh installment of the bestselling "Omega Force Series." It continues the adventures of Jason Burke, a lone human in space who has linked up with five other aliens to try their luck as hired guns. Their mandate: to help those who don't have the means to help themselves and never accept a job that would compromise the honor code they live by. Omega Force Novels: Omega Rising Omega Force: Soldiers of Fortune Omega Force: Savage Homecoming Omega Force: The Enemy Within Omega Force: Return of the Archon Omega Force: Secret of the Phoenix Omega Force: Redemption.

Also known as Omega Rising Book 7.

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Release date April 2015
Details updated November 13, 2022

Omega Force :: Series

Series contains 8 primary works and has 8 total works.

Omega Rising (Omega Force #1) 9.00   1
Soldiers of Fortune (Omega Force #2) 9.00   1
Savage Homecoming (Omega Force #3) 5.00   1
The Enemy Within (Omega Force #4) N/A
Return of the Archon (Omega Force #5) N/A
Secret of the Phoenix (Omega Force #6) N/A
Redemption (Omega Force #7) N/A
The Human Factor (Omega Force #8) N/A