Alien Shadows

by Daniel Arenson
Release date: August 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

On a dead world orbiting a black hole, shadows awaken. Some call them ghosts. Others believe them mere figments of the imagination. Yet for the scientists stranded on this rocky outpost, the evil haunting their halls is all too real. A handful of men and women have come here, to this desolate world light-years away from civilization. They came to study the black hole, this anomaly that breaks all their calculations. A black hole more like a living creature. A god of darkness. And through the halls of the observatory, this deity's warriors scurry, whisper, reach from the shadows. Creatures woven of darkness, an evil from beyond. Only one team of heroes can save the scientists stranded here. The Alien Hunters have never faced anything like these shadowy spirits. They're galactic pest controllers, not ghostbusters. Yet as the evil from the black hole threatens to overwhelm the entire cosmos, the Alien Hunters find themselves staring into the darkness... and finding terror.

(updated 2016-08-24)

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