The Lurker at the Threshold

H. P. Lovecraft, August Derleth
science fiction, fantasy, horror > weird fiction
The Lurker at the Threshold - H. P. Lovecraft, August Derleth8.10

An ancient evil was about to be unleashed

Ambrose Dewart was the last lineal descendant of the Billington family. So it was natural that he should come to the legend-shrouded town of Arkham, Massachusetts, to take up residence in the old family mansion in Billington’s Wood — even though the house had stood empty and shunned for over a hundred years.

Dewart found a rich legacy of disturbing features awaiting him: an ancient tower surrounded by a ring of stones in the forest, a strangely disquieting window of coloured glass which offered glimpses into some weird dimension of horror, a library of dark and secret lore — and family legends involving mysterious rites, ghastly deaths and disappearances, and the conjuration of vile, age-old Powers from beyond space and time.

Most frightening of all, Dewart found his arrival had brought these horrors to life again. And the Lurker was once more preparing to cross the Threshold…

H. P. LOVECRAFT and August Derleth, two of this century’s foremost masters of the macabre, have created a chilling novel of ultimate evil that is sure to grip the reader’s soul in a fist of ice.

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Release date: 1945
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, horrorweird fiction
Average rating: 8.10/10
Total ratings: 32
Updated: August 24, 2021