Mariners of Gor

by John Norman
Release date: September 2011
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy

MARINERS OF GOR is a direct sequel to SWORDSMEN OF GOR and the action picks up immediately from the end of the earlier book.

Many on Gor do not believe the great ship, the ship of Tersites, the lame, scorned, half-blind, half-mad shipwright, originally of Port Kar exists. Surely it is a matter of no more than legend. In the previous book, however, SWORDSMEN OF GOR, we learn that the great ship, commissioned by unusual warriors for a mysterious mission, was secretly built in the northern forests, and brought down the Alexandra to Thassa, the sea, beginning her voyage to the "World's End," hazarding waters beyond the "farther islands," from which no previous ship had returned.

In MARINERS OF GOR one learns the history and nature of the voyage through vast, dangerous, and uncharted waters, a voyage beset with dangers, both within and without the ship. One encounters storms and calms, fearful marine life and volcanic seas, hardships, treacheries, intrigues, desertions, and mutinies, and entrapments in ice and later amongst the thick, broad tendrils of the narcotic Vine Sea, and, eventually, once come to the "World's End," one learns what has been the intent and meaning of this mysterious enterprise, and the human ferocities into which the mariners find themselves introduced.

updated 2016-09-15

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