Age of Assassins (The Wounded Kingdom, #1)
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Age of Assassins

by RJ Barker
Release date: August 1, 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

It's a game of assassin versus assassin when Girton Club-foot and his master are hired by a queen to catch the killer who's after her son. Set in a world ravaged by magic and the ambition of noblemen, this debut epic fantasy features a cast of assassins, knights and fools which will delight any fan of Brent Weeks, David Dalglish or Robin Hobb.

To catch an assassin, use an assassin...

Girton Club-foot, apprentice to the land's best assassin, still has much to learn about the art of taking lives. But his latest mission tasks him and his master with a far more difficult challenge: to save a life. Someone, or many someones, is trying to kill the heir to the throne, and it is up to Girton and his master to uncover the traitor and prevent the prince's murder.

In a kingdom on the brink of civil war and a castle thick with lies Girton finds friends he never expected, responsibilities he never wanted, and a conspiracy that could destroy an entire kingdom.

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