The Stars Are Ours! (Pax/Astra #1) - Andre Norton

Dard Nordis grew up in a world that had been devastated by atomic catastrophe. The remnants of humanity had set up an iron dictatorship to hunt out and destroy the last free bands of scientists, hiding in mountains and caves. And the day came when Dard's secret laboratory home was raided - and he escaped by the skin of his teeth.

Where else could men go to keep the torch of liberty and knowlkedge burning? Dard's martyred brother had given him a key to that unknown haven, but how could dard learn to use it? Where were the engineers and their spaceships hidden?

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Release date: 1954
Genres: science fiction
Updated: September 07, 2010

Pax/Astra :: Series

The Stars Are Ours! (Pax/Astra #1)
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