Deadly Wrong

by S. M. Reine
Release date: November 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy

Isobel Stonecrow’s life has an expiration date: One month, two weeks, four days, and six hours remaining.

Not that she’s counting.

When she signed a contract giving her soul and memories to a demon named Ander, she didn’t expect that she would ever have to face termination. But now Ander is dead and she’ll be following suit if she can’t find a way to dissolve the deal.

Too bad she can’t remember anything from the time before she signed the contract.

Fritz Friederling, a billionaire demon hunter who owns several businesses in Hell, isn’t ready to give up on Isobel. But she isn’t sure that working with Fritz is better than dying. She doesn’t know much about her past life, but she knows that she signed Ander’s contract for a reason — and that getting away from Fritz was a significant part of it.

Escaping her contract means remembering the life that she chose to forget. And it means trusting Fritz Friederling, who Isobel fears might be the biggest danger of all...

updated 2016-10-02

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