Sargasso of Space (Solar Queen #1) - Andrew North

"Worlds For Sale!"

That was the startling cry that electrified Dane Thorson of the space trader Solar Queen. It was his first trip and the cosmic auction was taking place at an isolated port of call, far out in the Milky Way.

Who'll buy this newly discovered planet? The data on it is sealed- you may be getting a radioactive desert, you may be buying a fabulous empire, or you may be stuck with an untracked unconquerable jungle! And Dane and his fellow spacemen took the risk. They bought a planet, sight unseen, whose ominous name was... Limbo!

For sale to the highest bidder: One planet known as Limbo. Population: ? Resources: ? Perils: ?

Wiser and richer space traders turned down this cosmic pig-in-a-poke, but the crew of the Solar Queen couldn't afford anything more secure. And their trip to Limbo to see what they had got proved that the newly discovered distant world lived up to its ominous name in every way.


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Release date: 1955
Genres: science fiction
Updated: August 22, 2021

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