Derelict for Trade (Solar Queen #6) - Andre Norton, Sherwood Smith

Grand Adventure on the High Frontier...

The Solar Queen is in real trouble. They've just saved thousands of lives in a near disaster and are on the way to cash in on their newfound hero status with some profitable trade. But when they drop out of hyperspace and slmost crash into a deserted ship, it's all they can do not to become a wreck like the one they've stumbled across. Luckily, the derelict Starvenger has just enough fuel to get both ships to the nearest port, a space habitat that is home to humans two other races. Unfortunately, when they attempt to file for scavenger rights, a croked syndicate of bureaucrats takes an interest and threatens to scuttle Captain Jellico's crew and their claim to the derelict.

What started out as a lucky stop at the habitat turns into a series of treacherous misadventures, as an alien stowaway, a gang of intergalactic spacejackers, and an ultraviolent clan of aliens threaten to make this journey the Solar Queen's final run.


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Release date: 1997
Genres: science fiction
Updated: January 26, 2017

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