A Mind for Trade (Solar Queen #7) - Andre Norton, Sherwood Smith

Hesprid IV can't be that bad. Especially when it holds such a huge deposit of lucrative cielanite ore. Or so thinks Dane Thorson and the rest of the crew of the Solar Queen, and its new sister ship, the recently recovered derelict North Star. The plan seems simple: make landfall, mine ore, leave.

But when huge electromagnetic monsoons strike, and a strange lifeform makes deadly attacks on the miners, the mining grinds almost to a halt. Then the real threat arrives: the crew of the North Star, long ago stranded here, wants off the planet... at any cost.

It'll take every ounce of the Solar Queen crew's savvy and experience to make it off Hesprid IV with their lives, let alone a profit. And that's assuming they get past the pirates lying in wait on the far side of the star system.


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Release date: 1997
Genres: science fiction
Updated: September 07, 2010

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