Crown of Stars

by Sophie Jaff
Release date: June 2, 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasydark fantasy

Two women, separated by centuries but bound together by an ancient prophecy, drive the spellbinding sequel to Love is Red: a dark story of obsession, betrayal, and revenge that threatens to destroy everything they love

Whispers of witchcraft have haunted Margaret ever since she was born. A strange, dark-haired and dark-eyed child, she was an outcast in her medieval English village — and then her mother was brutally murdered. When her father remarries, Margaret realizes that she must leave the village for good.

Hundreds of years later, as fall descends on the streets of Manhattan, Katherine Emerson prays her horrific summer is over. She survived a confrontation with a killer, but the price she paid was high. The man she loves has left her. She’s pregnant with his child, but resigned to raising the baby on her own — until he insists on doing “the right thing”, which means taking her with him to London, where he’s about to start a new job.

But starting over doesn’t mean the strange, disturbing encounters shadowing Katherine will stop. As Katherine begins to fall apart, Margaret’s fight to survive on her own reveals she has inherited her mother’s extraordinary gifts — but will she use them for good, or for evil? Can she alone change Katherine’s destiny, and that of her child? And what will happen if she succeeds?

updated 2017-06-02

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